Gallery 2013

Math in Movies: Pixar Animation Studios, San Francisco, United States, Dec 2013. Maths is an inspirational subject. It is invaluable in everyday life and in some of the extraordinary achievements of humankind. Some of the research Rejoyce is involved in is the importance of mathematics in movie animation production. She went to San Francisco to find out more.

Exhibition: During 2013, MathAfrica was promoted at the several events. For example, at South African  National Research Foundation Postdoc Forum_Dec 2013, Spier Resort, Stellenbosch, Cape town.

Walk For Education Campaign: Raising awareness and funds for students who have to walk 12-14 km (To and From) school everyday. Limpopo province, Oct. 2013. Some of the students of the Jack Lavhengwa Secondary School in the Vhembe district in Limpopo have to walk 14 kms to school every day. Rejoyce, a former learner at this school, undertook to walk with the students in a show of solidarity. From this experience, Rejoyce has learned about the current challenges facing the young scholars, the living conditions at the school, and the challenges encountered by their educators given the little resources available to them. Rejoyce took the students to the University of Venda on a career guidance tour, so that they could think about possible future careers which could open a further opportunity if they are successful in school. Testimonials: Talifhani – Grade 10, wants to be a Policeman. “ It is difficult to focus when we are tired and hungry. When we get home we cannot do homework because we arrive in the evening and tired. Even though I walk long distance to school, I love to go to school. Thank you MathAfrica for what they are doing, giving us hope and talking us to University of Venda on a careerguidance.”

Fractal School Enrichment Project: Cape Town, Oct. 2013. MathAfrica is committed to exploring different techniques such as Fractal Art to capture the imagination of learners ( pictured below). Many thanks to Shabber & Nithaar Chellan for sending us their beautiful fractal art!

Maths Camp: Maseno University Kenya, Aug 2013. MathAfrica team was part of the organizing committee of the Math Camp at Maseno in Kenya,which is a week long camp where school children from rural areas come to a Maseno University, where they are exposed to extracurricular mathematics through games and activities that often relate to computers. The event took place in August, 2013

Mathematics Workshop for students: Kakenya’s Dream – the Academy for Girls, Masai Village, Kenya. Aug. 2013. Masaai children participated in a MathAfrica workshop to learn about Mathematics in fulfilled and enjoyable way, to help develop their skills and appreciate the value of Mathematics

Career Guidance: South African National Science Week 2013, University of Venda. Aug 2013. Students from various high schools in the Vhembe district in Limpopo attended Career guidance workshop during National science week at the University of Venda thanks to MathAfrica!
Testimonials: “I Ntsakelo Lucia Maluleke, born at Muyexe village (Giyani). I started my primary school at Muyexe Primary School 1996 and completed my matric in 2007 at Hatlani Muyexe High School. By the time I was matriculating I meet a lady by the name of Dephney Mathebula and asked her about the bursaries that can help me to enroll for science career. She invested her time and gave me the contacts details and address. I used the information she provided to do my level best. In 2008 I was admitted at University of Venda and I registered for Bsc in Microbiology and Biochemistry, during my second level I change biochemistry to Botany because I am having passion in plants. After my completing my degree I was employed as an internship at the Department of Agriculture but working at ARC (Agriculture Research Council ) as a Research Technician at Department of Virology, after my internship programme I volunteered at SAASTA (South African Agency For Science and Technology Advancement) where I was doing role modeling Campaign Nation- ally in a Project of DINALEDI.and now am working as a Research technician the company where I did my internship but in Mycology Department working in Grassland Project.” Ntsakelo Lucia Maluleke

MathAfrica Fundraiser Yard Sale Event –  June 15th at Central Baptist Church’s parking lot [9419 95 St NW, Edmonton, AB]

MathAfrica team at BESTTTEC Edmonton Career and Networking Event in Edmonton, Canada – 24th April 2013