Education in Rural African Schools


Who We Are 

MATHAFRICA  is a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) that was started in January 2013 in Canada by Dr Mpfareleni Rejoyce Gavhi after relating to her childhood experiences. It  is a  volunteer group comprised of University of Alberta students, high school students and  professionals in Canada & Africa.

Education in South Africa 

International, regional and national assessment surveys reveal low levels of performance across all levels of the education system.

Few significant factors: under-resourced schools, learners who live in conditions of deepening poverty, critical shortage of qualified mathematics teachers in  schools.

 Student Performance 2003-2011 (CLICK HERE!)
SA Student Performance 2003-2011 (CLICK HERE!)

The country’s performance in maths and science lags way behind that of many countries, including a number of African and other developing countries despite high levels of government funding, the functioning of the education system is characterised by persistent structural inequalities that reflect the apartheid legacy.

Mathematics Education = National Development

Mathematics is essential for every citizen to cope with the everyday operations of number, money, measurement and space.

What We Do

Raise awareness about the need for quality Mathematics and Science Education in disadvantaged  African communities  14WFE4.resized
Promote Mathematics and Science Education in Africa
Raise funds for Mathematics and Science teachers from disadvantaged in South African communities to attend professional development programs
Provide disadvantaged schools, teachers and learners with valuable learning resources and or materials
Provide mentorship to Mathematics and Science  learners in primary and secondary schools

How You Can Help

1. Volunteer With Us: We are looking for Math & Science Education Specialist, Tutors, Mentors, Fundraisers, Promoters. If you are interested, please Contact us at info(at)mathafrica(dot)org

2. Donate to MathAfrica: Any amount is welcome, please make donation below.


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